The “BEST Tax Shelter in America Today is a Home Based Business”

And it does NOT have to be complicated.  It only has to meet 3 criteria!  When you meet these 3 simple criteria,

1. Intend to make a Profit

2. work your home business consistently a few hours each week

3.  track your time, mileage, and income and cost of doing business

You do not have to make a “profit” right off the start, and you can offset any “loses” against your future earnings.  ALL legal.  Here are just some last minute thoughts for you.

Look at what your passionate about, and look for a home business doing just that!

LEARN HOW TO OFFER Those Benefits to Your Prospective Business Partners and Customers and your on your way!

1.  Start a Home Business today and bring home an EXTRA $50 to $100 a week on you TAKE HOME PAYCHECK from YOUR JOB!

2. You can even HIRE your KIDS and pay them $5450 a Year and You tax deduct it, and they do NOT PAY TAXES on it!

3. You can LEARN How to DEDUCT NON-Reimbursed Medical Expenses!

    And a LOT MORE!


In today’s economy, most everyone needs an additional stream of income, right? Then why aren’t they flocking to home- based businesses?

Because half of them are broke, and the other half are afraid to spend the little money they have saved, “in case they need it.”

BUT, what if they/you knew that Uncle Sam would pay for the costs of starting and running their home-based business – i.e., the individual would have ZERO out-of-pocket costs?  This is being done by thousands as they LEARN to EARN from home.  And you can too! 

IF you have the DESIRE, I/We can help you, help yourself LEARN the rest, Yes, it is that simple, not necessarily easy, but simple.  You have to make the first move, the ball is your court as they say.  Let me know if you want THINGS in your life to Change enough to CHANGE THINGS in your life?