***Read my writings as first person for ownership, inspiration and creativity***

( I point the finger for my success at the only person in charge of it, ME, myself & I )

~Success Begins When 100% Personal Responsibility for it is Accepted~

Who is Building My Future?  I AM, no one else can or will! No one else can Think for me, No one else can Laugh for me, No one else can Touch for me, No one else can See for me, No one else can Create for me, the life I want to live for ME!  I AM The ONLY ONE Responsible for what I create!

The foundation I lay over the next few weeks will determine my next few YEARS!.  With the economy going the direction its going, I can go up because I am an INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER!  As an OWNER I have choices, (employees are stuck),  Owners, independent thinkers, self starters, People like myself that take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for EVERYTHING I CREATE IN MY LIFE, always prosper in these times!

Of course to be 100% Responsible, I gave up all excuse making, blaming, complaining, making others people wrong and looking outside for reasons I was not being successful.  (excuses are the easiest things to manufacture and the hardest things to sell.  Excuses only satisfy the person giving them)  I look Inside now for ALL REASONS I AM & WILL CONTINUE TO BE SUCCESSFUL!  I had to understand that what is going on in my life is going on in my life, I had my part in causing it (either actively or passively) and I needed to step back from it and take a look at it as the BIGGER Picture of my life and adding in my DREAMS for the future I want to live.  (I am either making money or making excuses)

Of course to do this I have to do some changing of my BS,, (belief systems).  Basically, the world does not owe me anything,  the world is just out there worlding, it is NOT personal,

I ALWAYS have 2 CHOICES,  I can be the Owner, and change the way I want to change, or I can be passive, and change the way the world changes me.  Either way, I will be changed every day,

“If I am not CHANGING MY MIND to achieve my Goals and Dreams

Someone else is Changing my mind to achieve their goals and dreams”

                                                                                                             Joe S Blanton

Getting ready to get ready will take you out of the game!

“WE CREATE OUR OWN ECONOMY”, I refuse to participate in any recession.

Employees can NOT *** BEAT the RECESSION***,  Employees Working their own Home-Based Business along with their job CAN! 

EVERYONE CAN, BUT will YOU, is the only REAL question.  no right or wrong judgment here, not everyone is ready to take this one on!

I refuse to participate in any recession!   What about YOU?  Learn-ed people prosper in these SLOW OR RECESSION TYPE TIMES! ! ! !

It is Always YOUR CHOICE though?  Which will you choose? Learn, apply what you learn, and Prosper

or stay the same and get the same?  (no right and wrong here either, just your choice)

The Clock is Ticking and “They” are Keeping Score! ? ! ? ! ? Time waits for no one.

Success Begins When 100% Personal Responsibility for it is Accepted