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 Remember, The Glass Is Always Half Full

 There is a good side to every situation.
View your problems as opportunities.
You cannot have the Successes without the failures.
Failure is the fertilizer and foundation Success is built on.
Any experience can be transformed into something of value.
It all depends on how you look at it and how you think about it.
Always look for the LESSON for You in every event
All the stumbling blocks can become the stepping stones
to victory if you remain determined.
In all of your adversities lies the seeds of equivalent advantages.
In every defeat there is a lesson showing you how to win the next time.
Even in the darkest times, step back, Look UP and you can see the stars.

Life is a Self Fulfilling Prophecy,

“I AM” is the creative logos,

I AM is a declaration of the Reality of whatever Meaning the words that follow it MEAN to YOU.

         My Philosophy is all about the personal responsibility of owning my own world. I must own my world before I can take control of it, and by Owning My Own World, I can Change it to enjoy the Successes I want for Myself and My Family. My goal is to help you, help yourself, Learn and Understand how to move from where you are, to your own next level, then to the next in an upward spiral of continued success.

I have learned that I, like all the other coaches and mentors today, can not do that talking about “you”. I have demonstrated this in my quote above. Quotes and statements of direction are usually written with “you”. It is my determination that when I read a quote or statement with “you”, I am not relating the quote or statement to me, but to someone else, “you”.

I am at that point not able to personalize this to me and implement the required changes in my life. I do not “own”, if you will, the quote or statement. Therefore it does not have the same meaning or impact I need to personalize it to my, my situations and circumstances, and to begin to “Understand” what I must do to Change me to move to my own next level.

Spaced Repetition is how I became the person I am. Spaced Repetition to New Ideas, New Perceptions, New ways of Thinking is what I must expose myself to and I can use to Change My life to Be the Life I want to live. My goal is to provide a continual step by step demonstrated journey here that you can begin where you are, plug into, personalize, own, and implement to help realize success, in any area of life.  There are some places where the understanding of my meaning is clearer by using “you” .