Awareness is the Key

            Knowledge is the Tool

              Experience is the Teacher

                Understanding is the Cure

                                                                                              Joe S Blanton

 In all my years of seeking The Wisdom of the Ages so to speak in order to change my life for the better in a direction I wanted to go and achieve the things I wanted to achieve, I keep coming back to this audio being the most succinct, most immediately usable and exacting information I have ever found in one short 31 minute recording from a true wisdom teacher.  Grab a pen & paper and be ready to take some great notes, listen to this, the first personal development vinyl recorded ever recorded that outsold the music records in 1956 and still today is as accurate as every at what is in store for anyone wanting change enough to take action in the face of whatever odds may appear at first to be in the way, Enjoy, and then let’s talk, Joe 

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

                                                    — Earl Nightingale.



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