The Quality of Life

By Joe S. Blanton

One of the most rewarding and valuable truths you can come to realize and own for yourself is that you are a master of Manifestation. You and I are who we are, where we are, how we are and what we are because we have Manifested our lives to be this. Few people will admit this, and they are usually the proactive,  independent and interdependent people who know specifically what they want in their life.

To manifest something different in our life, we must willingly and knowingly open the door to change in the most secret area of our own life, in our own mind. We each stand guard at the door to change in our own mind, and this door only opens from the inside. Change is the most real thing in our life, the essence of life. Take a moment and think back to the person you were 5 years ago. Take the time to notice the changes that are obvious … and now notice the subtle changes that come to mind. The pointhere is that you are constantly changing and for most people the change is so slow that they do not notice the changes in their lives. Now that you are aware that you are always changing, I want you to realize that you always have two choices in this change.

“YOU can change the way YOU want to change, or YOU can change the way society changes YOU.”

Each of us has always had these choices, though possibly not consciously aware of them. Life is about the continual awakening to who we really are and to the unlimited potential we are. Awareness is the key to changing in a way we want to change. The ONLY way you can manifest the changes you want in your life is to Know specifically what those changes are.

We are all getting Results (Manifestation) in our lives now, and the results are based on the Actions we take every moment of every day. The actions we take every moment of every day are caused by the the way we Think every moment of every day. What we Think is determined by what we Believe. Everythoughtyouthinkis filtered through your Belief Systems and then either supports you, in or stops you from, getting what you want. All you have to do to determine whatyou believe is to look around at what you have manifested in your life..?

Our life is mirrored back to us every moment, and the mirror does not lie. Our body does not lie. Our body is constantly telling us what is going on in our life, if we were only able to understand its messages, really. If you are constantly judging everyone or everything around you and in the world, 

then you have a belief in judging and more of that will manifest in your life. It makes no difference what you believe in, (fear, hatred, poverty, separation, negativeness, or abundance and love and joy), you will manifest more of it in your life.

Most people have been conditioned to focus on what they don’t want, and to tell others what they don’t want them to do. This is the problem. There is no way to see ourselves not doing or getting something, so we see ourselves doing or getting what we say we don’t want and that is what manifests for us. When most people are asked to list what they want in their life, they have difficulty listing even a few things, and will then start on a long list of what they don’t want.

The Second Key to manifesting what you consciously want in your life is to reprogram what you believe. To create new internal belief systems that support you in manifesting the changes you want in your being and in your outer world. We consciously programed the belief systems we now have at a very early age when we were more easily influenced and had less options from which to choose. Staying Conscious is the Key here (in the reprogramming process we must now undertake) if we are serious about manifesting what we want in our life.